HI-TEK Electronics


Hi-Tek Electronics is an electronics contract manufacturer that builds printed circuit board assemblies and related products. Our team has extensive experience and knowledge of electronic and electro-mechanical assembly. We have the equipment to insure quality, accuracy, and precision to the industry standards. Our relationships with our suppliers provides us with quick access to parts, sometimes even parts no longer in distribution. Let our team of trained specialists take your product from timely prototype assembly to complete turnkey manufacturing.


Thousands of printed circuit boards are assembled at Hi-Tek every month. They range from boards with all through-hole parts to fine pitch surface-mount parts. All work is performed in an ESD-protected environment with the latest machines and tools. Assemblies are built to IPC Class II standards.


Hi-Tek Electronics is committed to full customer satisfaction by providing high quality and timely service at a fair price. We ensure this by providing our employees with training, processes, and tools to fulfill this promise.


Hi-Tek Electronics has been providing small to medium batch electronic assembly services since its start in 1986. The majority of its business is with companies that have been customers for more than 10 years.

What we Do

We provide contract assembly services to customers with electronic products.

Logistics Department

Our experienced team is able to find and purchase parts for your project, in some cases locate parts no longer available through the normal supply chain. They can provide materials management for customers wanting to purchase their own parts. They will also schedule deliveries for a smooth and reliable supply.

Surface Mount Assembly

Our surface mount department is equipped with precision, accurate manufacturing and inspection equipment staffed with trained and qualified professionals to deliver quality and consistent boards.

Manual Assembly

We still build many older through-hole printed circuit boards as well as mixed technology using both manual and wave soldering. Our excellent staff also adds sensitive parts, cable assemblies, or other parts to circuit boards.

Other Services

Our staff also provides services such as conformal coating, testing, and mechanical assembly.