Box Builds / Wire Assembly / Mechanical Assembly

No matter what service you need, we can do it.


Box Builds

Every box build is unique to each customer specifications. As simple process may be just adding a circuit board to an enclosure. More complex process may include customer modifications of hardware or enclosures, adding wiring harnesses. We can even provide testing for your finished product.

Box Build

  • System level assembly
  • Product Assembly
  • Sub-level product assembly
  • Testing
  • Product Configuration
  • Software Installation


Wire Assembly

We can provide wire assembly for simple or complex projects. Our wire assemblies are used in many industries including UAVs, robotics, sensors, and many others.

Wire and Cable Assembly

  • Power Cables
  • Communication Cables
  • RF Coaxial / Triaxial Cables
  • Ribbon Cables
  • Military Style Connectors
  • Wire Kits
  • Wire Harnesses


Mechanical Assembly

Hi-Tek's mechanical assembly service can help you quickly go from design to production. We are already setup to take on your project. Why deal with the worry of keeping assembly employees busy when we are here when you need us. Simple assemblies or complex multi-layer BOMs are no problem.

Mechanical Assembly

  • Panels: latches, hinges, handles installed. Unit shipped ready for final assembly
  • Enclosures/Chassis: pre-assembled. Unit is ready for electronic or electro-mechanical population
  • Kits: Multiple components kitted for streamlined assembly processing or ready to ship for on-site assembly Cables
  • Finished Goods: Private Label Products completely assembled, packaged with hardware and documentation, and barcode labeled for distribution
  • Step 1 - PCB Assembly

  • Step 2 - Drill Custom Mounting Holes

  • Step 3 - Mount Custom Hardware

  • Step 4 - Add Wiring

  • Step 5 - Install Electronics

  • Step 6 - Final Assembly


Contract Manufacturing

Let us be your manufacturing partner. Having trouble finding good employees or just keeping them busy? As your assembly work force we are here when you needs us. You can focus your energy on customer aquistion and product development. Let us handle manufacturing and you get peace of mind!