Thousands of printed circuit boards are assembled at Hi-Tek every month.  About 30% of them are PTH assemblies and the rest are SMT or mixed technology.  All work is performed in an ESD-protected environment.  Assemblies are built to IPC standards using state-of-the-art equipment.  Our employees are trained and certified to the IPC-A-610 standard.

Services offered by Hi-Tek Electronics include:

  • Automated surface mount assembly
  • Surface mount and mixed technology prototype assembly
  • Through-hole assembly
  • Lead-free assembly
  • BGA inspection and rework
  • Conformal coating
  • Component procurement

Surface Mount Assembly

Our surface mount department is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and staffed with trained and qualified professionals. High-speed placement machines with quick changeover capabilities make any job cost-effective. In addition, skilled prototype assembly technicians can hand-build one-of-a-kind prototypes to your specifications.




Our surface mount assembly process includes-

  • Paste or glue screen printing
  • Automated component placement
  • Pre-flow visual inspection
  • Convection reflow soldering
  • Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI)
  • Secondary SM assembly and hand-adds
  • Visual solder joint and component verification
  • Aqueous washing
  • Final surface mount inspection
  • ESD packaging and shipping

We handle a variety of components such as-

  • 0201, 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206 chip packages
  • Small Outline ICs (SOIC)
  • Thin Small Outline Package (TSOP)
  • Quad Flat Pack (QFP) ICs
  • Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier (PLCC)
  • Ball Grid Array (BGA)
  • Various metric components and sockets

And we use specialized equipment for these assemblies-

  • High-speed automated pick-and-place machines with a linear resolution of 0.001 mm, angular resolution of 0.01° and a throughput of over 10000 components per hour each
  • Precise convection reflow ovens
  • “Superior X-Ray 1000” X-Ray system with advanced capture and analysis software
  • 7.5x-40x stereo microscopes and magnifiers
  • Sophisticated BGA rework equipment


Through-Hole Assembly

Hi-Tek still supports some older through-hole printed circuit board (PCB) designs. Populated PCBs are flowed using computer-controlled wave solder machines with precise profiles, achieved with the help of convection pre-heaters. Quick flux changeover allows us to use either water-soluble organic or no-clean RMA flux. After rigorous inspection, soldered circuit boards are washed with deionized water using a highly efficient aqueous washing system.


The through-hole assembly process includes—

  • Component preparation
  • Component insertion
  • Pre-flow visual inspection
  • Solder flow
  • Secondary assembly
  • Visual component and solder joint inspection
  • Mechanical assembly
  • Final inspection
  • ESD packaging and shipping

The following equipment is available for these kinds of boards:

  • A full array of prep equipment
  • Electrovert wave soldering machine
  • ESD certified and calibrated soldering stations
  • ESD-protected and calibrated mechanical assembly tools